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Welcome to the R.SAT!

R.SAT is a framework for creating highly extensible applications. It includes components & design pattern implementations for extension attachment and registration, extensible application configuration, database metadata management, UI, etc.
R.SAT may be compared with MEF, but it is smaller, more lightweight and more flexible.


  • Advanced System.ComponentModel.IServiceContainer replacement for type safe access and strong design
  • Rich and highly customizable extensibility mechanism
  • Base implementation of common extensibility services
  • Extensible application configuration service


Minimal sample of library usage.


Project part Description Status
Command line parser Allow to parse command line and check it's consistency with declarative rules Beta
EventBroker Event broker pattern implementation Beta
Active parts Allow to create singleton-like components with deterministic activation Production
Configuration Allow to create extensible configuration subsystem Production
DB restructuriser Automatically upgrade DB schema to new version Temporarily suspended
Extensibility core Basic extensibility functionality Production
Instancing helper Helper for dynamic creation object instances Production
Reader-writer lock helper Simplifies usage of ReaderWriterLockSlim Production
Services Service providers infrastructure Production
Internal app resource server Allows HTTP-like server inside application with extensible resource providers and Razor support Beta
Demos Sample code Beta


Main R.SAT repository -

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